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When a person or group of persons decide to launch a new and unique product or service in the market, it must meet the market requirements in one of the four ways or embrace all of it. Let’s explore more. Any business is started & executed for the well-being of human beings.. of course, to be sustainable it must be profitable. A reward for taking risks  ...


Innovation/Discovery must :

Either offer more convenience to the end-user ( eg Amazon, Ola or Airbnb, Google Pay Banking) Or offer a whole new perspective on the product or service that would disrupt/ change the way the market or lifestyle functions (eg YouTube, Apple, or Google) Or Offer something that’s in demand already but there’s a shortage of supply. ( solar or Battery Operated Vehicles etc) Filling the gaps of the market..Or Offer necessities like food entertainment, real estate education, etc the most common necessities in the most uncommon way/fashion.

I am Bharathi Bhaskaran and I help you elevate your startups.

What We Do

AVS Business solutions  provide services that address and solve the issues their clients  having  inefficient processes or a startup with no process set up. Business leaders often face gaps in knowledge and resources that they need for executing certain tasks or projects. Business solutions providers help them fill these gaps to help put them on a path to success. We Offer to 

  • Provide objectivity and initiating change after thorough prognosis

  • Provide Sale & Operations Training to employees

  • We uncover the details of the company’s mission and evaluate the operations that are in place.

  • We also provide and  identify opportunities to grow the business, boost efficiency and increase profits.

AVS develops solutions to existing problems and creates a plan for capitalizing on opportunities.

About Virtual Media Course

We also teach digital marketing, virtual designing. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Ads