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Frequently asked questions

Why should we choose PrimeX Courses?

It’s definitely not a thin line between goal setting and achieving. It’s a long winding path. It’s not the goal that matters; it’s the journey that gets each one of us there. It is what teaches, seasons and refines each one of our existence. We aim to help children dream big, aim high and toil hard to get where they must BE Our wish is to instil the desire in children to do the right things, make right choices in order to attain the right results. There are no long jumps. One step at a time is the key to sustenance Slow and steady survives and thrives. That’s why tweenage is the right age. Setting goal and the path to achieving these goals is itself a learning process. It is primal to generate clarity in the pre-adolescent mind to facilitate positive relationships, inculcate healthy decision-making and ensure success in their endeavors.

Can I know more about 7 Years membership?

We watch the children closely on their growth, temperament, skillset. It needs 7years of collaborating together to achieve the desired. This membership is renewable at a minimal cost. Details will be shared as a handbook on signing up

Do we get guidance on educational Institutions & admissions?

Yes ! if you take up 7years membership we help you with the choices of educational institutions & admissions as well (Admission procedures & support is provided at an extra cost)

Are the counseling Sessions free for 7 Years Membership?

Yes Absolutely Free.