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Her  Story

A Psychologist with an MBA; Bharathi has 21 years of experience in the education sector, is a founder of PrimeX Ivy Academy & AVS Virtual Business Solutions. She is a Business Consultant, Child Life Coach, and Mentor to many start-up businesses. She taught Life skills to 500 students and conducted 1000 one to ones with Parents in Velammal CBSE school Ponneri, She Coached & guided 2400 students and 4800 parents in SJPS Medavakkam as Parent Relations Officer. She worked with SIFY as Executive –Business Solutions and gained lot of insights about the business nitty-gritty, She set up and ran a Chettinad restaurant in Bahrain. She attended various seminars on empowering Government School Girls (Preteens & teenagers) She is associated with Samacitta Foundation. She visited Runn of kutch to find the farmer's conditions. Attended Coaching sessions of Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, DMC. Participated in a four-day Business leadership Intensive program - Isha Insight DNA in 2012. Mentored by Dr. Ram Charan Boss of all CEOs. And many other eminent personalities.

About Her Start Up

The vision behind my start-up is  to rightly position the future generation in career-scape for what he/she is good at. I wish to evade the issue of strife and struggle in Gen Z kids so that they could create a harmonious world. Peace within is peace outside. 

Secondly, to channelize the energies of tweenagers (Pre Teens or Pre Adolescence) in the right direction so that they grow up to become humble, responsible, and creative loving human beings. We work in collaboration with Parents to create a conducive environment at home so that children can blossom to who they really are, to their highest potential!! My idea is only to focus on PreTeens but We have also started working with teenagers now upon parents and teenagers demand. 

Third reason for my start up was realising that our world is progressing vertically, where typewriter becomes a word processor, and a social gathering becomes a Facebook post. 40 years ago, we wouldn’t have thought that we can withdraw money without going to a bank. But now we have ATMs in every nook and corner. In fact, studies have suggested that 2 out of 3 kids in primary school today will grow up to do work that does not even exist today. Hence we decided to nurture child’s skills according to future requirements