Fostering Creativity in your children

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Raising a creative child is easier than you may think: There are endless opportunities to ask intriguing questions and model creative thinking in everyday moments with your child. These ideas can get you started. Kids are natural innovators with powerful imaginations.

And creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.

1. Make Children Question Things

2. Provide Opportunities to Express Their Intelligence

3. Teach Them Multiple Ways to Solve Every Problem

4. Trigger Their Curiosity

5. Engage Them With Activity

6. Encourage Children to Read for Pleasure

7. Help kids pursue their passions.

Always praise your child's effort—not the result. There are some powerful strategies for using your words wisely. First thing Focus on Process, Not Outcome

Instead of: “Good job!

SAY "Thank you for helping me tidy up. I especially like the way you......."

Instead of: “You did it!"

Say "I've been watching you try to ______________for a long time now. I'm so proud that you kept trying and didn't give up though. I'm sure that you're going to get it soon with all this practice and patience!"

Instead of: Dont yell like that

Say "You were really angry, weren't you? It's OK to be angry sometimes. As you get older you'll learn more ways to control your temper. Until then I'm happy to help you to calm down."

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